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    Music School Celje is one of most developed Slovenian music schools and is one of the main cultural and musical educational institutions in Celje. With its soloists, chamber and instrumental groups is an important creator of cultural events in Celje, by expanding its departments is also developer of a wider region of Celje.

The founder of a public educational institution of Music School Celje is MOC (Official Gazette of RS, no. 14/97, 101/07 and 54/10). It is set up to operate a music education for programs which grant publicly valid education for elementary level music school.

Headmaster of Music school Celje is Mr. Simon Mlakar.


Elementary level of the music school operates in Celje, since the school year 2004/2005 in dislocated department in Štore and from school year 2009/2010 in dislocated department in Vojnik. Part of the educational work is also performed at primary schools in Celje, the largest part in Lava Elementary School.

Education at the elementary level music school is divided into pre-school, preparatory, lower and upper levels. At a basic level of instruction, instruments and solo singing is held individually, music theory (theory), chamber music and other forms of work are carried out in groups.

In Music School Celje we teach all classical instruments and popular folk instruments.


Elite program includes electronic keyboards, bass guitar and jazz department. The jazz section in Celje region enables quality education and work with excellent jazz musicians.


Departments of music gymnasium that are part of I. gymnasium Celje are operating throughout the Celje region. Due to the quality of our work also students from other regions attend our school. The full range of expert music subjects is performed at our school, where we provide material and personnel requirements.

It should be emphasized that our primary and secondary level are closely intertwined, thus achieving a higher level of knowledge in the elementary level and providing better opportunities for the implementation of orchestral play at the secondary level.

Our music school is aware of the responsibility and the importance of music education. Through music education ewe ducate and shape the cultural and artistic personality of each student. Among other we teach mutual tolerance, respect for diversity and cooperation with others. This knowledge is for a lifetime. We must not forget that in this learning process is all about close contact between students, teachers and parents, so we thank all who participate in shaping musical successes of our children. Our goal is to follow the child's interest and focus them in group play. The result of such work are successful orchestras and chamber ensemblesand numerous excellent individuals.


Dislocated department of Music school Celje in Štore operates since 2004/2005. The classes are held in the afternoon in the Štore elementary school. Performances take place in the Cultural Centre Štore and Music School Celje. This school year we teach there flute, accordion, diatonic accordion, clarinet, piano and trumpet.


Dislocated department of Music school Celje in Vojnik operates since 2009/2010. The classes are held in the afternoon in the Vojnik elementary school. Performances take place in the Cultural Centre Vojnik and Music School Celje. This school year we teach there teach zither, piano, clarinet, violin, flute, guitar, trumpet, accordion diatonic accordion.


In the school year 2010/2011 we started teaching at Lava Elementary School. We teach saxophone, trumpet, flute, horn, piano and electronic keyboards.

At Fran Roš elementary school we teach guitar this school year.


The school has a modern, professional computer-driven multimedia library and a complete information system. Wireless internet access is enabled for the employees, pupils and students. The library has available educational areas supported by the technical and computer equipment.
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